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Precision tape (Decimal Inches), For Easier Reading and More Accuracy In Your Measurements

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All Precision (decimal inch) tape measures have inches, tenths of an inch, even hundredths of an inch marks in black. Odd hundredths of an inch are spaces.

These precision decimal inch tape measures are used by NASA and so easy to read a preschool uses them to teach numbers, counting and measuring to three year olds. Unique Entity ID H3TAQ8BCWL55 
CAGE code 9QFA0
PSC Code 5210 Precision Tapes
NAICS 332216 tape measures

Patent 11,796,294

25 ft/300 in steel, red numbers for feet and inches, black numbers for cumulative inches and tenths of an inch. $19.95, two or more $18.50 each. Part number AE4700.

Certified Class 1. $350.00 Part number AE4649.

165 ft/1980 in steel, front decimal inches, back feet and decimal inches. $135.00, two or more $125.00 each. Part number AE4632.

120 in steel, no feet on Precision decimal inch tape measure. $14.00, two or more $13.30 each. Part number AE4663.

5 ft/60 in fabric, front side feet and inches in black, back side all inches in black. $5.00, two or more $4.75 each. Part number AE4656.

T Post Platform, 4 in X 4 in Platform with 4 in slide, use to put items on top of a metal fence post; bird house or feeder, sprinkler, rain gage, signs, camera, lights or whatever fits. $14.95, two or more $13.50 each. Part number AE4724.

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These are inventions of Charles Aldrich, to make life easier.

The decimal inch tape measures were designed for engineers and assemblers, most manufacturing uses decimal inch drawings. This tape measure eliminates conversion time and errors. Because there are no fractions, the tape measures are easy to read, so easy a preschool is using the fabric tape measures to teach numbers, counting and measuring.

The T Post Platform, was designed to be a platform for mounting a sprinkler, can be used for mounting other things.


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